Welcome to Climate Change of Address. I’m Joe Galliani and I created this site and our videos to respond to the rapidly changing climate where I live and across the country – indeed around the world.

This project began when I decided it might be time to move from our home on the coast in Southern California to a place that will be cooler, have more water, less threat of fire and mudslide and overall have a more livable climate 20-30 years from now. I would hit the road in my Chevy Bolt electric car and work my way up the Pacific Coast all the way to Vancouver, BC, shooting videos as I visited potential climate change of addresses and sharing those videos with you.

More than the climate changed when my wife, Debra, let me know that she had no interest in leaving our home of 26 years and I realized I had no choice but to change and adapt our current home to our new climate address and to share what I learn with everyone who could use the information in the form of videos.  And now I have two sets of videos to shoot.


I’ve been blogging under the Creative Greenius handle since October of 2007 when I began researching and reporting on climate change and climate action. I crossed over to the community organizer side of things in 2009 when I founded South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group, the first California chapter of 350.org.

2009 was also the year I started volunteering with GRID Alternatives where I learned to install rooftop solar PV systems and how they worked. GRID is the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer and they develop and implement solar projects that serve low-income households and communities. In 2015 I installed our home’s 5.2 kW system along with friends from the GRID crew. That system has worked flawlessly and produced all the energy we need to power our house and charge two electric cars.

From 2014 – 2017 I worked full time as the chair of South Bay Clean Power to successfully bring Community Choice Aggregation to Los Angeles County and cities. Today it’s called the Clean Power Alliance and is the largest such program in the United States.

I spent a long, fruitful career in corporate America prior to my environmental work as a writer, creative director and subject matter expert for companies like Mattel Toys where I was known as Mr. Barbie and for whom I created the male action toy line and animated series The Street Sharks. My clients included Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Honda, Playmates Toys, Hasbro, Washington Mutual and NBA2K among other companies. My work for Sony included writing the launch of the original Sony Play Station at the first E3.


My work as a subject matter expert on energy saving data centers for Hewlett Packard led me to specialize on greenhouse gas emission reductions, renewable energy and sustainability. That work in turn led to a staff position with CBS EcoMedia in 2012 as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Public Affairs.

Throughout my career I’ve been driven to research and explore complex subjects and help simplify them for a general audience. Over the years I’ve developed a trusted network of top professionals, fellow subject matter experts, analysts and insiders. Now I’m using that network to Climate Ready my home AND to help guide me to alternative places that might make a better climate address.

I invite you to join me on both adventures!




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