Watch Your Current Climate Address Literally Change Before Your Eyes

The good folks at have created a mind blowing and invaluable tool.  Here’s what they say about it:
“We found that by 2050, many US cities may resemble hotter, more southern parts of the country today. We’ve mapped a few of the most striking transitions here:”
“As the climate crisis accelerates, it’s worth asking what to expect if we aggressively cut greenhouse gas emissions now, and what would happen if we do nothing. As part of our Weather 2050 project, we used the latter scenario to look at what could happen to temperature and precipitation in US cities by the middle of the century.”

You don’t have to be a map expert to quickly and easily see that climate change means city climate addresses will be moving south when it comes to their temperature and rainfall patterns. Just as Climate Change Of Address is doing, you might need to take a road trip to see what your new climate will be like.  Some folks will need to travel hundreds of miles away to experience what climate change could mean for your your current location,

And this information is especially important if you’re thinking of relocating for climate reasons.  You’ll want to know what address the climate is moving to where you’re headed. For example, 20 years from now, in 2050, Cleveland, Ohio, will experience average summer highs hotter by 5.4°F. The average winter low will rise by 5.3°F. That means Cleveland will have the climate of a St. Louis suburb more than 500 miles away. So if you’re not looking for St. Louis style weather you might want to reconsider.

Here’s what’s ahead for the SouthEast:

Vox takes an even deeper dive on their Weather 2050 site. Plug in your own city and see what climate change of address you’ll be experiencing.

Here’s just one of the sets of information you’ll get.  This one is for my home in Redondo Beach:
For those of us thinking about and working on Climate Change of Address. This is the first of many tools we will find of great value.

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